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Volunteer projects at the State archives in Mons

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Here you will find an overview of the projects carried out by our voluntary staff at the different State Archives repositories across the country.
Are you passionate about archival documents, local history or genealogy? Are you looking for a useful leisure activity? Do you wish to help us conserve our unique heritage and make it accessible for research? Find out how you too can become a volunteer at the State Archives!

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Current projects

DatesState Archives concernedProject title
2021 > 2025Mons
2021 > 2025Mons
2021 > 2024Mons
2021 > 2026Mons
2022 > 2023Mons

Finished projects

DatesState Archives concernedProject title
2019 > 2020Mons
2014 > 2017MonsSorting of client files of notary public Guillaume Hambye (Mons)
2013 > 2017MonsSorting of municipal archives Frameries
2012 > 2018MonsSorting of the archives of Drion du Chapois family e-Procurement