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In order to introduce the public to the records preserved by the State Archives and to present new research approaches, our institution has set up a number of virtual expositions on subjects such as Belgian football (2012), Belgian Congo (2010) and the importance of archives for democracy (2009) in recent years.

Lately (2014), a virtual exposition on  The Great War in Wallonia – an initiative of the State Archives in the Walloon provinces – has also seen the light of day. This exposition focuses on ordinary people and on their daily lives during the war, illustrated through a selection of documents such as letters, posters, official reports, etc. More documents will be added to this exposition until 2018.

The exposition We the poor - Social welfare in Namur today and yesterday was launched in 2016 and is the continuation of the exposition held at the State Archives in Namur on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the basic law on Public Social Welfare Centres.

Links to our virtual expositions (only expo on Congo is also available in English) e-Procurement