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New appraisal guidelines for the municipalities in Flanders

In order to let the general public discover the rich archival heritage on the First World War, the State Archives launched a new dedicated website in August 2014: It is filled with a variety of interesting documents, including letters, posters, photographies, minutes, etc. The website is in French.

08/08/2014 - Publications

Each year, the State Archives publishes over one hundred works destined to simplify archival research: guides, inventories, studies history and archival sciences, etc. So far, these publications were sold in print format only, at the different State Archives branch offices, whereas more recent inventories are also published in digital format (PDF file).
From now on, these print works are also published in a digital format for students, researchers, genealogists, history amateurs, and everyone interested via the website of the State Archives: e-Procurement