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Not older than 100 years:

  • Freely accessible to the concerned notary public, his or her legal successor or an authorized personnel member mandated by the notary’s office.
  • Any other person can request access to the records of a notary public that are not older than 100 years by presenting of a written declaration by a notary public (not necessarily the former custodian of the minutes or his/her successor)  attesting that the person is a party directly concerned, a heir or a legal successor with regard to the records for which an access request is filed.
  • If the requester is a land surveyor, the written authorisation of a notary may be replaced by a written mandate in the form of an engagement letter, provided that it was issued by a person directly concerned.

Older than 100 years:

  • freely accessible
Legal framework
  • Art. 62 of the law about the organisation of the office of notary public of 25 Ventôse of year XI e-Procurement