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Harald Deceulaer

State Archives in Brussels – Archivist


Avenue du Pont de Luttre 74
Tel. : 02/524.61.15


Harald Deceulaer studied History at VUB (1987-1991). He earned a doctor's degree at VUB (supervisor: Hugo Soly) in 1998 with a thesis about the clothing sector in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent from ca. 1585 to 1796. In 2007, he earned a Master in cultural management at University of Antwerp. His work as a researcher bore on various aspects of social and cultural history of the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Since 2001, he works for the State Archives, where he inventoried a.o. the Audience archives (2002-2006) and parts of the archives of the Council of Brabant (since 2007). Inventorying and use of early modern justice archives are central parts of his work. He also worked on archives of federal ministries, early modern courts, churches, Public Social Welfare Centres, municipalities and schools. From 2011 to 2017, he was Head of the State Archives in Brussels. From 2012 to 2016, he was the contact person of the State Archives for the IUAP Justice. He is coordinator of the BRAIN project 'Social Hotspots' (2017-2021), and board member of 'Archives and Libraries in Belgium' and of the section 'Archives and Document Management' of VVBAD.


Inventorying of case records of the Council of Brabant.

Inventorying of case records of the Feudal Court of Brabant 

Inventorying of the records of the Tax Office of Brabant.

Final editing of a guide to the archives of Brussels municipalities

Coordinator of the project 'Social Hotspots' about the Attorney General of the Council of Brabant in the last decades of the 18th century.

Archives supervision of 28 courts, 19 municipalities, 6 police zones, 2 prisons in Brussels.

Supervision of two volunteer workers


Redactielid van Meta. Tijdschrift voor Bibliotheek & Archief.

Areas of expertise

  • Ancien Régimearchief
  • Archiefwetenschap
  • Collectiebeheer
  • Hedendaags Archief
  • Toezicht en advies


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  • “Een sleutel voor de schatkamer. De inventarisatie van de processen van de adel uit de Raad van Brabant”. Foundation de Moffarts, sponsoring, 2011-2015. Supervision of half-time employed archivist Bert Tops

  • “Loyaliteitsconflicten aan de basis ? Kerkelijke litigiositeit voor de Raad van Brabant  in de 18de eeuw". Belspo, doctorate projet of Tom Bervoets, 2012-2016. Supervision of the archivist and member of the scientific committee for the doctorate (together with colleague Prof. Eddy Put).

  • Supervision of volunteers for the inventorying of the archives of the Council of Brabant (since 2010): Paul Behets and Daniel Bombois. e-Procurement