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State archives in Beveren

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Kruibekesteenweg 39/1
9120 Beveren
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T : +32 (0)3 750 29 77 / +32 (0)3 236 73 00
F : +32 (0)3 750 29 70

As from 1 January 2017, the reading rooms of the State Archives will have new opening hours, based on a differentiated approach for each repository. This modification is due to decreased funding and staffing, and to varying requirements at regional and local level.
The reduction of opening hours does not entail cutbacks on service to the public however. When the reading rooms are closed, the State Archives remains at your disposal (by phone and e-mail) for your research and to answer your questions. Our institution of course continues to make the archival holdings it conserves accessible, to digitise them, to organise various events, to feed the data base, etc. Those visitors of the State Archives who would no longer be able to carry out their research due to the new opening hours are invited to contact the head of the repository in question.

22/07/2015 - Digitisation

The State Archives holds a real treasure of cartographic materials, but handing out original maps and plans in the reading rooms bears the risk of deteriorating the state of conservation of these documents. Indeed, repeated unrolling and rolling-up of these maps and plans that are sometimes of considerable size has taken its toll on the documents, which called for a large-scale digitization campaign. In recent years, some 60,000 maps and plans were digitised. This number increases steadily. Roughly 44,000 of these digital images have been processed and are now available for research.

Two hundred years ago, on 18 June 1815, the famous battle of Waterloo was fought. The State Archives conserves hundreds of linear metres of records from this period that can be searched with archive guides, inventories, historical studies, etc. A number of events are also organised this year in relation with the commemorations.

New appraisal guidelines for the municipalities in Flanders

Head of Service: Johan Dambruyne.

Archivists: Michel Oosterbosch, Marij Preneel, Bart Willems.

Reception, Reading Room and Stacks Management: Ingrid Beullens, Ann Bylé, Katelijne De Graef, Tita Maquiling, Marleen Noppe, Theo Van Geystelen, Frank Verheeke.

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