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08/08/2014 - Publications

Each year, the State Archives publishes over one hundred works destined to simplify archival research: guides, inventories, studies history and archival sciences, etc. So far, these publications were sold in print format only, at the different State Archives branch offices, whereas more recent inventories are also published in digital format (PDF file).

From now on, these print works are also published in a digital format for students, researchers, genealogists, history amateurs, and everyone interested via the website of the State

The publications can be downloaded at a decent price. Among the first eBooks available are a revised version of the “Sources guide on the First World War in Belgium”, the “Archives Guide to the records of the State Archives in Liege” and a publication on the “Archives of the Great Council of Mechelen”.

An eBook allows you to have thousands of pages available anytime at the tip of your finger on your tablet PC, reader or laptop computer. It also enables easy handling of often voluminous reference books such as archive guides. This format facilitates and fastens the distribution of the scientific publications of the State Archives. Furthermore, eBooks give a second life to classic works out of print or stock: these publications remain indispensable for researchers but reprinting and redistributing them is too costly.

eBooks offer a comfortable reading experience and come with useful features such as full-text search, easy navigation and browsing, bookmarking, highlighting of words, notes, user-defined table of contents, and more.

On the occasion of the 100-year commemorations of the First World War, a number of publications edited since 2001 in the collection “Sutdies on the First World War” of the State Archives can be obtained on our website

For a full list of publications available in eBook format visit

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