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Here you will find an overview of the projects carried out by our voluntary staff at the different State Archives repositories across the country.
Are you passionate about archival documents, local history or genealogy? Are you looking for a useful leisure activity? Do you wish to help us conserve our unique heritage and make it accessible for research? Find out how you too can become a volunteer at the State Archives!

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Current projects

DatesState Archives concernedProject title
2015 > 2019Kortrijk - Leuven -
2016 > 2018Hasselt
2005 > 2020Ghent
2017 > 2020Ghent
2015 > 2019Ghent
2015 > 2020Ghent
2016 > 2025Namur
2015 > 2025Namur
2014 > 2021Leuven Digitalising of Early Modern notarial archives
2010 > 2020Saint-HubertAnalytical inventorying of accounting registers and evidence from the castle of Mirwart (15th-18th centuries)
2014 > 2022BrugesAppraisal of court files of Brugse Vrije
2014 > 2023KortrijkArchives of architect Jozef Jan De Meyere (Kortrijk), ca. 1940 - 1977
2014 > 2023KortrijkArchives of Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen, 78 rpm shellac records
2014 > 2022KortrijkCollection of death notices and letters of mourning, 19th-20th century
2014 > 2020Saint-HubertData base of judgements of the court for war damages of Marche-en-Famenne (from 1919)
2014 > 2022LeuvenDemogen Flemish-Brabant and extension of "Search persons"
2014 > 2020LeuvenInventorying of municipal archives Asse
2014 > 2023LeuvenInventorying of parish registers of Wezemaal and Rotselaar
2014 > 2022KortrijkMusic archives of church O.-L.-Vrouw in Kortrijk, 18th-20th century
2014 > 2020LeuvenProsopography of students of the old university Leuven (1596-1616)
2012 > 2018MonsSorting of the archives of Drion du Chapois family
2014 > 2020Saint-HubertSupport to various projects of the State Archives in Saint-Hubert
2014 > 2019LeuvenTranslation of inventories in French

Finished projects

DatesState Archives concernedProject title
1990 > 2016Antwerp
2015 > 2017Ghent
2012 > 2017Antwerp-Beveren
2014 > 2016Bruges Appraisal and valorisation of gentry archives
2014 > 2015Kortrijk - Bruges - Mariage files West-Flanders
2013 > 2016BrugesAppraisal of microfilms of land registry (regional authorities West-Flanders)
2014 > 2017BrugesAppraisal of music archives of church Sint-Walburga in Bruges
2014 > 2016BrugesAppraisal of non-inventoried archives and of insufficiently described archieves
2014 > 2015KortrijkArchives of the city Kortrijk, 1367-1798
2012 > 2014Saint-HubertData base of persons heard before the court of first instance of Marche-en-Famenne
2014 > 2017Antwerp-BeverenDigital appraisal and description of heritage declarations in the jurisdiction Dendermonde
2014 > 2016BruxellesExamination of the deads and marriage of the 19 Brussels municipalities (from the French Revolution until 1910)
2014 > 2016BruxellesExamination of the parish registers and civil status registers of Quévy-le-Petit, Quévy-le-Grand, Aulnois and Bougnies
2014 > 2016BruxellesExamination of the parish registers and civil status registers of the Huy region
2014 > 2016BruxellesExamination of the parish registers and civil status registers of Val de Sambre and Thudinie
2014 > 2016BruxellesExamination of the parish registers of Brussels (18th century)
2014 > 2016BrugesInput of handwritten descriptions of the collection "records with blue number"
2014 > 2016BruxellesInventory of the archives of the province of Brabant (19th and 20th century)
2014 > 2016BruxellesInventory of the case files of the Council of Brabant (17th and 18th century)
2014 > 2016HasseltInventorying project sales posters of the French period
2014 > 2017LeuvenRepackaging of charters and registers
2014 > 2017MonsSorting of client files of notary public Guillaume Hambye (Mons)
2013 > 2017MonsSorting of municipal archives Frameries
2014 > 2016HasseltVolunteers introducing original land registry data
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